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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a regular sized house, how much will it cost to do my sidewalk?
    Unfortunately, there's not a simple or standard answer. Two houses may have the same amount of sidewalk, but one is laden with tree roots & flanked on either side with an irrigation system for the yard, while the other has no roots or encumbrances to removing the sidewalk; the price for those 2 houses are going to be vastly different although the sidewalks are the same size. The site conditions will determine the price - just as much, if not more - than the size of the project.
  • How long will my sidewalk/project take - start to finish?
    Typically, construction takes one week. If your driveway and/or apron is included in the scope, you won't be able to drive on it for an additional week after we've poured the concrete. In a nutshell, sidewalk only projects take about 1 week before you can start enjoying your new sidewalk. Projects with sidewalk and driveways also take about a week for construction, but you can't use the driveway for a total of 2 weeks.
  • What is not included in your price?
    We include everything in your price in order to provide you the convenience of a turn-key experience. There is one caveat: Often there are additional items required by the city which are not included in your rebate, but are required for completion of your project. As part of our assessment, we'll identify those items, if any, and provide pricing for that scope as well.
  • My sidewalk is in terrible shape! I want to replace it but the city will take forever to fix it. I am willing to fix it on my dime if I can get it done soon, but can the city at least pitch in to help pay for it?
    You are in LUCK! The city has a Sidewalk Rebate Program to help property owners bear the cost of replacing their old sidewalks. Click here to learn about the Sidewalk Rebate Program. By the way, the program is available for any type of property (residential or commercial) and eligibility is based on the property, not the owner. If you own more than one property you can take advantage of the rebate for each.
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