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ADA & Path of Travel

When sidewalk infrastructure was originally created, there wasn’t much thought or concern for those with disabilities.  Today, this a a concern that is first and foremost with any new and updated infrastructure.

Anything in the public right-of-way, including sidewalks, driveways & pathways on public properties that are accessible to the general public, requires compliance with ADA standards.  


One of our specialties is construction of ADA compliant/path-of-travel hardscape & flatwork. 



-Access ramps


-ADA parking stalls

-Detectable warning surface/truncated dome installations


Path-of-travel does not stop at the door, but extends inside of public and commercial spaces in order to ensure accessibility for all!

We also work with clients, architects and engineers on the design, configuration & construction of spaces to ensure they meet ADA compliance.



-Interior path-of-travel


-Any other accessible public space inside buildings

Many of our clients are restaurant and retail owners.

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