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Sidewalks & Hardscapes

We specialize in new sidewalk construction, as well as removal & replacement of existing sidewalks. Our sidewalk projects include residential (single and multi-family), commercial properties, developments, and municipal work. 

"My driveway is jacked up, can you replace it while you are here?"

If you're going to remove and replace your sidewalk and you also need a new driveway, we can do both simultaneously, which is much more cost effective and provides a seamless, cohesive look.

-Driveway approaches/aprons

-Personal driveways

-Decorative hardscape

"Money is tight, how can I get the best price?"

 If you want up to $10,000 toward the replacement of your sidewalk and live in Los Angeles, check out the Sidewalk Rebate Program.  We're extremely knowledgeable and well versed about the Sidewalk Rebate Program, so let us guide you through the process - start to finish.

"Curb appeal is important to me, how else can you make my yard look good?"

Beyond sidewalks we build just about any hardscape and retaining walls including:

-Personal driveways

-Concrete patios

-Decorative hardscape (walkways, pathways etc…)

-Poured-in-place concrete walls

-Board form walls 

-Landscape & other concrete block walls

-Structural retaining walls

Lean More!

If you want to get a head start learning all about sidewalk replacement, check us out on TikTok where we have a number of videos walking you through the process with project examples. You can also find us on Instagram where you can see many of our completed projects.

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